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National Tuna Congress 2015

GENERAL SANTOS CITY (31August 2015) – Gensan is gearing up for an even grander Tuna Festival this year.

City Mayor Ronnel Rivera said that it is high time to bring back pride to the city’s most prized catch and the unsung heroes behind it.

The Tuna Festival is set on September 1 to 5. The previous five years may not be the best for the fishing—tuna industry—of Gensan because of stricter regulations in international waters, climate change and increasing production cost.

Aside from the regular festivities, this year’s Tuna Festival will focus on addressing the pressing concerns that surround the tuna industry, not only of Gensan, but of the entire Philippines and neighboring regions as well.

“By doing so, Gensan and its residents can really celebrate the true significance of the Tuna Festival,” according to Mayor Rivera.

The 17th National Tuna Congress, which is slated on September 3 – 4, is a crucial event where local, national, and international fishing entrepreneurs and stakeholders will gather to discuss the issues about
the tuna industry.